Why Learning The Guitar Is Good For Brain Development

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 by George Miller | Uncategorized

Have you ever considered picking up the guitar? Well, now we have scientific evidence to motivate you. Most people start learning the guitar early on, sometimes as a hobby, and sometimes just because it makes you look pretty cool. 
But there’s more to it than just adding to your personal appeal. It can help you feel more positive, can be a major stress buster, and boost your confidence. For many, it also becomes an outlet for emotions that could otherwise become overwhelming. 
Additionally, in a study, about 85% of parents of children aged between 7-17 years reported that music lessons improved their children's problem solving, time management, and prioritization skills. Here’s how learning the guitar can aid your brain development: 

Boost Your Brain’s Grey and White Matter

study conducted at Harvard in 2003 by Dr. Schlaug discovered larger grey matter in professional adult musicians' brains compared to regular people. The study deduced that musical training early on can seriously impact the brain's structure, improving auditory and motor skills. All the extra grey matter is what helps people stay sane in their old age. 
Other studies also show an increase in the white matter within the brain. This helps to improve the inner functions of the brain by strengthening and building connections inside. These improved connections then help you adapt to changes throughout your life. 

Every Guitar Lesson Is A Party Inside Your Brain

If you've ever picked up the guitar, you know it requires focus and a whole lot of concentration. Even the softest tunes require optimal attention. 
This is because when you play the guitar, your entire brain is stimulated; different regions of the brain and various cognitive functions come into action, activating the visual, auditory, and motor regions. 
Moreover, the increased activity in the corpus callosum—bridge between the creative right and rational left side of your brain—reboots your brain in such a way over time that you get quick access to the genius area on the left. This leads to improved memory and better problem-solving skills. 

Should You Start Taking Guitar Lessons?

Practicing the guitar is cool, fun and it's an easy workout for your brain. And when it comes to brain development, the sooner you start, the better results you’re likely to get. 
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