Buying Your First Guitar: What You Need to Know

Thursday, January 28, 2021 by George Miller | Uncategorized

Are you an aspiring guitarist, just waiting to get started on your musical journey? It’s time to buy your first real six-string and turn your dream into a reality.

Before you buy your first ever guitar, though, here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

Avoid Buying a Used Instrument

As a beginner guitarist, you may have considered buying a secondhand or a used guitar to start off with. However, this isn’t recommended. 

It’s best that you purchase a new instrument, even when you’re buying your first ever guitar. Used instruments may cost less and seem easier to get (for e.g., you buy it off a friend), but using a secondhand guitar can be a bit of a gamble. Since you’re an absolute beginner, you won’t quite know what to look for in a used instrument. The guitar may look perfectly fine, but there may be several finer details you won’t be able to identify or assess at this stage. 

It takes considerable knowledge and experience to be able to tell if a secondhand guitar is good or not. Getting one is okay if you have an experienced guitarist helping you out, but otherwise, stick to a new instrument.

Don’t Blow All Your Budget 

Getting a new instrument doesn’t mean that you end up spending way more than you need to on your first guitar. Chances are, the more expensive an instrument is, the better quality it’ll provide. It can seem tempting to get an expensive guitar over a more affordable one because you want your journey to start with the best equipment.

Remember, you’re still a beginner at this point. You don’t need the most expensive piece of equipment to start playing the guitar. You can also find suitable guitar options from the instruments closer to your budget range that will be perfect for a beginner. Once you continue learning how to play the guitar and get better at it, you’ll also need certain guitar accessories to up your game and achieve a better sound. It’s best to allocate your budget accordingly and stick to guitars within a reasonable range when shopping for your first six-string. 


Don’t Buy Online

Another thing you need to remember when buying your first guitar is that you need to buy it in person. Sure, you can browse different options at an online store to get an idea, but when it comes to making the actual purchase, you should visit the store personally.

Even if you aren’t yet experienced in handling or operating guitars, it’s worth checking out the instrument up-close. When you buy it from a (physical) music store, you get to see exactly how it feels in your hands. You can also inspect it closely and get a better look at the instrument before buying it.

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