Going Digital: The New Ways to Earn as a Musician

Last year, it was estimated that a six-month shutdown would cost the music industry more than $10 billion in sponsorships. The pandemic has taken from musicians their very lifeblood: crowds. But in the wake of empty concert halls and vacant bar stools, new avenues of revenue have emerged. If you’re still determined to earn as a musician then it’s time to take some notes.
Building Your Brand
For modern musicians, the digital space is where you live and eat. Learning to navigate social channels and distribute on streaming platforms is key to finding listeners but also for building your brand. With minimal cost and effort, musicians can create a digital presence for themselves that can be used as a first point of contact for agents, publishers, labels and fans. Most artists like to have a central hub to link all their profiles such as LinkTree or a website built through one of the many custom site building tools.
If you’re serious about turning your brand into a business, you should also look into forming a limited liability company (LLC). Forming a registered company is key for musicians who want to save on taxes, cut down on paperwork, and move forward with reduced liability from debt. Depending on where you’re located, the regulations differ. Using a formation service can help you to navigate these and save on hefty lawyer costs - the LLC cost NY is as little as $49 with a site like ZenBusiness.
Endorsement Deals
Once upon a time, endorsement deals were reserved only for the biggest of artists but, since independent music is growing so quickly, companies are more frequently looking to sign young stars early in their careers or to sell their products via micro-influence. That means even for unsigned musicians, there is the possibility of earning through partnerships with companies. To land an endorsement deal, you need to first show that you’re a viable commercial investment for their organization. Yes, your Instagram numbers matter but so does your style, your sound and your potential.
Involving yourself with a company is no small undertaking and getting the attention of companies will require the building of a one-sheet. This online document contains your bio, genre, links and images. Then you’ll have to network via social channels to get the attention of company representatives. If you can get to the deal stage, make sure to do your research or work with a music manager to help iron out administrative processes, promotional material and fair splits.
Publishing Deals
For some artists, the dream is a paid contract songwriting for a major publishing company. A publishing deal refers to the assignment of some ownership of your songs to a company in exchange for a share of the royalties generated. This can represent a great deal for the songwriter because although you may be able to write a true zinger, you may not be so well equipped at marketing, distributing or even performing the track. These deals can provide lucrative income and will help link you to major players in the industry.
The flip side to many publishing deals is that the draw and demo budgets work like loans. This means that the cost of paying for the recording is recouped through royalties by the publisher. Your track will have to find some success in order for you to actually earn from it. Music software company Output notes it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with the different types of deals commonly practiced in the industry.
The above represents just a few ways to earn without ever stepping foot on a stage. Remember, the digital space has all but eliminated the constraints of physical distance - if you can work the virtual crowd, you’ll always have an audience with influential people working in the field.
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Article by Charles Carpenter

Guitar Ensemble

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Guitar Ensemble: Music, Collaboration, and Memories

A 10 - Week Course Designed for a Complete Learning Experience

THE Guitar Ensemble program at Miller School of Music is a specially-designed 10-week course, with an aim to provide budding musicians with a hands-on opportunity to perform in rock, blues, or jazz bands, as well as refine their skills. Each week, students get together for one-hour rehearsal sessions, allowing them ample time to learn, improve, and grow as musicians.

The Performance: A Showcase of Talents and Progress

The highlight of the 10-week course is the final performance at Boulder Coffee, a place that offers a lively atmosphere for participants to showcase their talents, foster connections, and create lasting memories. This performance serves to testify their growth, hard work, and collaboration in refining their skills throughout the course.

A Curriculum Focused on Teamwork and Communication

The curriculum for the Guitar Ensemble program covers the crucial aspects of performing as a group, including:

  • Starting songs off

  • Improvising and creating solo sections

  • Figuring out arrangements

  • Ending songs with vamps, and tags

  • Learning how to signal the band (beginnings, endings, and solo sections) with physical cues

These well-rounded lessons emphasize effective communication and collaboration between band members, grooming students into seasoned musicians who understand the dynamics of their team.

Guitar & Bass copy

Designed For all Skill Levels: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Players

Miller School of Music's Guitar Ensemble program has something to offer to musicians of all skill levels. The school runs ensembles with differentiation of skill levels - beginners, intermediate, and advanced players, making sure that everyone feels comfortable and confident as they kickstart their musical journies.

Regular Ensembles with Breaks for Personal Growth

The ensembles at Miller School of Music are run regularly, generally with a month or two in-between. This allows students the flexibility to choose when they feel ready to take part and commit to the 10-week course, without feeling like they missed out.

Unleash Your Creativity and Nurture Connections with Miller School of Music

The Guitar Ensemble program at Miller School of Music is not just a course – it's an opportunity to build lasting memories, learn the art of working in harmony, and find new ways to express yourself through music. It's the perfect youth enrichment opportunity that allows students to learn, grow, and share their passion for music together.

Embrace the opportunity to be a part of the Guitar Ensemble at Miller School of Music. A combination of supportive network, experienced instructors, and innovative teachings will not just nurture your creative side but put you on your path to success.

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